The Alex Conner Chronicles Book One


The Alex Conner Chronicles Bk 1

By Parker Sinclair

Fantasy lover’s everywhere are going to go crazy over this amazing Fantasy Supernatural Suspense.

☆☆☆” A powerful take on contemporary Fantasy” ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ ” I ran the gambit of emotions with this book ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ “Original and Captivating” ☆☆☆

I must admit that considering I had never written a blog prior to 2 yrs ago I am having some trouble with not writing now. I have always been able to write descrptively and with a great deal of narration, but if you had told me that I would be writing a blog post I would have laughed at you.

This really is an awesome read grab your copy today from

Alex Conner’s night’s of event planning & partying in San Diego have taken a turn for the worse as nightmares invade her mind on a daily basis.

Memories of the vile man she exiled, using the supernatural power’s she inherited, are invading her living hours. Nothing is working as she tries to keep them at bay.

Can Alex solve this mystery before it’s to late, or will she have to deal with this horror completely on her own.

Who can she trust, why is she drawn so intensely towards a new man who has come into her life.

You are going to meet a totally different spin with ‘Trust’. A fantasy that has demons, bad guy’s & magical creatures. This book has a unique twist on Paranormal Contemporary Romance with an Urban feel, you are going to be taken on a wild and intriguing ride as Alex deal’s with everything life throw’s at her. Grab your copy today.

The Alex Conner Chronicles

Reading order;


Truth, and Forbidden with more to come.


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