From #TABB #PimpPost By By Author Montana Ash

Teaser Addicts Book Blog

Book two in the Elemental Paladins series

“Sooo …… hit me with it.” Max demanded.
Feigning innocence, Diana asked, “Hit you with what?”
“Diana!” Max whined, “Did I make you beg for deeds? No! Hit me with Darius’s dick of course!”
Stuttering out a shocked laugh, Diana saw Cali’s ice-blue eyes widen before she too began laughing uproariously. Max apparently just hearing what she said, slashed her hand impatiently through the air, “You know what I mean. Not literally. Although …..”. She trailed off, humming to herself.
Diana whacked her playfully, “Greedy much? You already have a dick to play with. It’s attached to a smokin’ hot giant with nipple rings.”

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