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Those Who Go by NightA gruesome murder in a sleepy 14th-century English village sets the stage for a taut drama laced with witchcraft, depravity, and long-buried secrets.

This historical fiction had a few real life events in it and some speculation.

Set in England, where the residents are still in fear of the Church. No one wants an Inquisition. When a man is viciously murdered and left on the church altar in a small village, the Bishop of Lincoln sends his trusted fixer to find out if indeed this is witchcraft or something even more sinister.

Unfortunately the Archbishop has already sent his man to oversee the investigation. And what a horrible man this guy was! But, is he a killer?

Thomas is a decent character and I quite like learning a bit of history along with my fiction. However I found it rather wordy and would have liked more background on the characters.

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