From #TABB #PimpPost So Shall I Reap – Book One The Unseen Series

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Alexcia Stasis has sparked the curiosity of a daemon, but not just any daemon, he’s a grim reaper. Now Tevin’s existence is tethered to a self-destructive teenager.
Alexcia’s life was altered after her 15th birthday. Once she blew out the candles her fate was sealed. For almost a year, she’s been hearing voices that lead her through realistic nightmares, ones she can’t comprehend. Terrified she’ll be locked away if others found out, she pays for teenage freedom, with the price of silence.
Over time, Alexcia has found a way to disconnect from the voices by partying until she drops. Unfortunately, her choices place her in dangerous situations which keep a certain reaper and his clan busy playing guardian angels instead of fulfilling their role as death daemons.

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