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I havenā€™t been with a man in over five years.
Yeah, yeah, I know what youā€™re thinking. Youā€™re wondering if I have a couple dozen cats or if I have to sweep the cobwebs out before getting a Brazilian.
But, ladies, I wanna let you in on a little secretā€¦
There is money to be made in what us working girls at White Light Sirens like to call ā€˜non-penetrative fantasiesā€™.
Thatā€™s right. You want meā€”Molly Wilderā€”to parade around the room dressed like a giant teddy bear while you touch yourself? Sure. You want me to paint your naked body, turning you into an impressionistā€™s wet dream? Iā€™m on it.
But if you even think about sliding between my legs, Iā€™ll rip our contract to shreds and kick you out the door so fast your manhood wonā€™t have time to soften.

Molly makes a snap judgment about me theā€¦

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