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From USA Today bestselling author L.B. Simmons comes her first Young Adult novel, WE, THE WILDFLOWERS!

Check out the beautiful cover below!

WE, THE WILDFLOWERS will be available on all retailers February 11, 2020!


“Their strength and ferocity stem from below the surface where their roots are forever tangled, interwoven in such a way that for the remainder of time they bloom together, and when winter finally prevails, they perish as one…until spring brings them to life once again.”





When four unruly teens land themselves at a home for troubled youths, they find solace in the unlikely friendships forged within its walls. Together they battle bullies, share the secrets of their harrowing pasts, and because of the hardships each has faced, vow to leave the world in a better place than they found it. But when unwelcome strangers enter the home, they…

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Published by michellechantler

Like many bibliophile's, reading and writing was my avenue to escape as a teenager. To this day my love of word's and expression's is how I relay thought's and feeling's into a format other's can understand. They say creativity comes from the left side of the brain?? Well I'm at my happiest when I am either creating a blog or short story, promoting so I can use my love of words to play and sell, and getting outside to play in my garden is where you will find me deny day the day is bright. Not difficult considering I love in Australia. My children are now Adults, so my book's, blogging and website are how I stay sane and connected to this intriguing industry while developing a site that will be both enjoyable and financially rewarding. I am still re-organizing both pages so please bear with me until they are complete.

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