The Lost Queen

YA Girl In a Bookish World

Born in Magic

Born in Magic

Basia Pike

The Fae Queen #1

Young Adult | Paranormal Romance | Fantasy

Robin always knew she was different, but she never could have imagined she wasn’t human.

On the eve of Robin’s eighteenth birthday, a man breaks into her home. First time she’s alone at home with a guy, and he is certifiably insane. He tells her she is a fae princess from the kingdom of Taidel, and she doesn’t believe him.

Until he proves magic exists, and her entire world crumbles around her. He presents her with a choice; Leave everyone and everything she knows behind, or let the fae die at the hands of the evil and darkness that has taken control of their lands.

They must head into the dangerous lands of Taidel where enemies lurk around every corner. To make matters worse, Robin’s feelings for Holden begin to surface, but she’s already…

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